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Journal of International Political Economy Volume 1, Number 1 1996/3

Author Title Page
Susan STRANGE Identity, Loyalty and Authority in a Changing World 1-6
Hideo SATO The Changing International System and Trade-Conflict Management between Japan and the United States 7-32
Kenichi OHNO Hegemonic Cycles and Exchange Rate Policy: The Problem of Balancing Competitiveness between Japan and the United States 33-53
W. Ladd HOLLIST Reducing Bilateral Tensions between the United States and Japan: Multilateral Cooperation in the Americas and Beyond 55-69
Akio HOSONO APEC and NAFTA: Regionalism, Open Regionalism and Globalism 71-84
Jaeho YEOM Economic Reform and Government-Business Relations in Korea: Toward an Institutional Approach 85-106

Journal of International Political Economy Volume 1, Number 2 1997/3

Author Title Page
Hideo SATO Challenging Dominant Trends in International Political Economy 1-9
Barbara JANCAR-WEBSTER Environmental Politics in the Pacific Rim 11-26
David P. RAPKIN Is International Competitiveness a Property of National Economies? 27-40
Tun-Jen CHENG Economic Consequences of Democratization in South Korea and Taiwan 41-60
Finn LAURSEN Towards an Eastern Enlargement of the European Union 61-82
Barbara STALLINGS Japan’s Response to the New Latin American Economic Model 83-100
Barbara WEISS and Hideki IMAOKA Market Integration and Shifting State-Firm Relationships: International Investment and the New Nationalism 101-122

Journal of International Political Economy Volume 2, Number 1 1998/3

Author Title Page
Hideo SATO Japan’s China Perceptions and Its Policies in the Alliance with the United States 1-23
Rovert T. KUDRLE and Davis B. BORROW Competition Policy and Regional Integration in East Asia and the Americas: Compatibility and Conflict 25-55
Peter J. KATZENSTEIN Regionalism Compared: Japan and Asia, Germany in Europe 57-68
Gary G. TROELLER Human Rights and Human Wrongs – Human Security vs. State Security 69-74
Neantro SAAVEDRA-RIVANO Economic Growth and Equity 75-87

International Political Economy No. 1 1998/3

Author Title Page
Akio HOSONO Preface Issue
Haruhiro FUKUI The Changing State in the Changing World 1-10
Hilton Joyo AGUYA Developmental Incapacity of the Philippine State 11-34
Susu THATUN Examining the Rationale Behind and the Implication of Economic Liberalization in Burma/Myanmar 35-48
Michiyo OBI International Interdependence and the Japan-U.S. Structural Impediments Initiative Talks: A Study of Factors Promoting Domestic Structural Adjustments through Intergovernmental Negotiations 49-62
Research Projects in Progress
Yutaka TSUJINAKA, Hiroki MORI, Yuko TAKAHASHI, Miae JUNG, Yoshito ISHIO and Hisayoshi IMAI Interest Groups in Contemporary Japan: A Behavioral Profile 63-84

International Political Economy No. 2 1998/12

Author Title Page
Harald KLEINSCHMIDT Reassessing the German-Japanese Relationship during the 1920s 1-14
Kozo KATO Policy Change and Continuity: A Theoretical Perspective 15-28
Atsuko ABE The Liquor Tax Dispute between Japan and the European Community from IR Perspective 29-42
Tsuyoshi EBIHARA The Rise of “Independent Diplomacy”: An Analysis of “Major Adjustments” in Chinese Foreign Policy in 1982 43-60
Seong-Bin PAK Globalization and Transformation of Japanese Financial Networks 61-76
The Editorial Board Remembering Professor Yutaka Akino 77-78
Fumiaki INAGAKI The Situation of Tajikistan and the Posthumous Manuscripts of Prof. Akino 79-80
Yutaka AKINO A Report from the Heart of the New Eurasian International Order 81-82

International Political Economy No. 3 1999/3

Author Title Page
Shoichi ITOH The Emergence of the New Elite in the Post-Leninist Regimes: Russia and China
— A Theoretical Exploration
Research Projects in Progress
Shigeyoshi OZAKI Recent Trends in the Field of Space Law 33-36
Takayuki SENPO The Necessary Quantity of Natural Energy Introduction in Japan, and the Policy Demanded 37-58
Bibliographic Guide
Comprehensive Bibliography of Materials Published by the Late Professor Yutaka Akino 59-68

International Political Economy No. 4 1999/9

Author Title Page
Seifudein ADEM World Politics NOT as An Inherently Pre-Social Order: Deconstructing the Ontological Status of Anarchy in the International System 1-16
Liang PAN The Formation of Japan’s UN Policy in the Early Postwar Era 1946-57 17-42
Fumiaki INAGAKI Uzbekistan after the Collapse of the Soviet Union 43-60
Daisuke MINAMINO Foreign Policy of Post-Soviet Ukraine: Institutionalization of Decision-Making Process and Pro-Western Orientation 61-79

International Political Economy No. 5 2000/3

Author Title Page
Tatsuo AKANEYA Theorizing IR the Asian Way: Security Studies in Japan 1-18
Ibrahima DRAMÉ Environmental Protection in Antarctica: The Making of a Liability Annex to the Madrid Protocol of 1991 19-34
Makoto ARAKAKI Post-Colonial Identity Politics and “Essentialism:” Diaspora, Creole, and Hybridity 35-48
Kenki ADACHI Global-Oriented Interest Groups in Japan
— Their Foundations and Characteristics
Miae JUNG The Transition from Welfare State to Welfare Society in Japan
— The Shift from Neo-Liberalism to Welfare Pluralism —
Seong-Bin PAK stability of Financial System and Discretionary Financial Administration 81-96
Research Project in Progress
Hiroki MORI Interest Groups’ Activities in the Electoral Process 97-108

International Political Economy No. 6 2000/9

Author Title Page
Kyoh MURAI Political Process of Climate Change Policy in Japan
— Decision-Making Process of Action Programme to Arrest Global Warming —
Kenki ADACHI Non-Governmental Organizations in International Politics
— A Case Study of the Formation Process of the Convention to Ban Anti-Personnel Landmines
Jakob G. EDBERG Ethnicity, Structure, and Choices: A Theoretical Reinterpretation of the Democratization in Burundi 37-62
Shahzadi COVELL The Structure of the Communist Party of china and its Control of the Government and the Industrial State-Owned Enterprises in the People’s Republic of China 63-91

International Political Economy No. 7 2001/3

Author Title Page
Special Edition: ‘Regionalism’ Revisited
Harald KLEINSCHMIDT Introduction 1-4
Kazu TAKAHASHI The Meaning of ‘Region’ in the Central and Eastern Europe 5-20
Hiroyuki URABE The Regionalism in Latin Ameria as an Instrument for their Empowerment 21-34
Yumiko IMAIZUMI Dr. Yanaihara’s Criticism on Prewar Japan’s Policy toward Japanese Mandated Micronesia 35-42
Takafumi OHTOMO Relative Gains versus Bargaining: Explaining Obstacles to Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific, 1989-1996 43-64
Hiromi ISHIGE NATO’s Survival and Success: A Realist Explanation for NATO’s Persistence 65-86
Kenichi KASHIWAGI Wage Dualism in Urban Labor Market in Egypt 87-108
Ba Gen BAI Definition of subsidy and Legal Requirements of Export Subsidy under the SCM Agreement: An Analysis of WTO Ruling on Measures Affecting the Export of Civilian Aircraft (Brazil v. Canada) 109-132
Kyoh MURAI The Formation and Collapse of Shin-Kankyo-Zoku in LDP
— A Variety of Policy Tribes —

International Political Economy No. 8 2001/10

Author Title Page
Tetsuji YAMADA, Tadashi YAMADA, Chang-Gun KIM, Haruko NOGUCHI, I-Ming CHIU Japanese Health Care Services and Asymmetric Information 1-20
Kevin P. KAVANAUGH An Analysis of Time and International Relations Theory during Periods of Transition 21-44
Ana SUEYOSHI State and Structural Reform in Peru in the 1990s 45-64
Shingo HAMANAKA An Analysis of Legitimacy of Palestina Authority and Palestinian’s Expectation of Democracy 65-84
Junichi AKASHI Evaluation on Japan’s Immigration Policies Today
— analysis on the Effect of the Immigration Policies in the 1990s
Valdo FERRETTI From the Naval Limitations to the Pacific War: The Separation of Pro-German Faction in the Japanese Navy 103-110

International Political Economy No. 9 2002/3

Author Title Page
Shannon L. MORALES Japan’s Security Policy Autonomy: A Strategic Cultural Approach 1-14
Pablo HEIDRICH Trade Negotiation Strategy Sequencing and Macroeconomic Conditions: The Case of Mercosur 1997-2000 15-38
Bertha VALLEJO Income Convergence and the Role of International Trade: Mexico as Case Study 39-46
Chikashi KISHIMOTO Hurdles of Industrial Upgrading in Global Value Chains: A Case of the Taiwanese PC Industry 47-68
Kazuhiro TAKAHASHI Japan’s Export Promotion Policy and Southeast Asia in the Early Post-Occupation Era
— 1952-1954 —
Tien-shi CHEN Globalization and Diaspora: The Case of Chinese 85-100
Kenki ADACHI Dealing with Security Agendas after the End of Cold War 101-112
Chie EZAKI The State-Society Relationship in Land Reform, Mass Political Organization and Local Administration in Egypt under the Nasser Regime 113-126

International Political Economy No. 10 2002/10

Author Title Page
Sung-Jin KANG Japanese Voters and the Responsibility Hypothesis: The 1996 House of Representatives Election 1-16
Kevin P. KAVANAUGH All Roads Lead to Rome: Pax Americana and the Rule of Law 17-32
Sultan MEHMOOD Foreign Aid and Public Sector Fiscal Response: Case of Pakistan 33-48
Juan C. RATTO-NIELSEN Regime Maintenance and Change: The Case of the International Regime for Telecommunications 49-62
Takafumi OHTOMO U.S. Overseas Military Bases and Alliances after the Cold War 63-71

International Political Economy No. 11 2003/3

Author Title Page
Liang PAN Cooperation for Economic Survival and Status: Japan’s Relationship with the World Bank 1960-90 1-20
Toru OGA Constructing Meiji Japan: toward the Politics of Wakon-Yosai 21-38
Chikashi KISHIMOTO Industrial Clusters and Innovation
— A Case Study of the Taiwanese Personal Computer Industry —
Ba Gen BAI Reasons of Countervailing Duties Imposed on Privatized Enterprises: Theoretical Examination on the USDOS’s Partial-Repayment Approach 57-68
Kazuhiro TAKAHASHI The Ikeda Administration and Asian Economic Integration Problems: Japan’s Dealings with the OAEC and the Western Pacific Meeting 69-86
Research Project in Progress
Yukiko HIRAI Framework of Interest Group Politics in Modern Turkey 87-98

International Political Economy No. 12 2003/10

Author Title Page
Wolfgang HEIN New Forms of Global Health Governance and the Fight to Reduce Poverty in the Face of Globalization 1-20
Kevin P. KAVANAUGH A Proposed Model for Analysis of Intra-State Ethnic Conflict 21-36
Garth WARRIES On the Necessity of Human Rights, Democracy and Cosmopolitanism As We Enter the New Century 37-58
Casey SEDGMAN The Policy Process in a Global Context: Towards a Framework for Analysis 59-80
Shoichi ITOH Russia’s Eastern Regions and Sino-Russian Relations in the Putin Era 81-102
Tatsushi NEMOTO Essentialist Strategy and Rewriting History
— B.R. Ambedkar, His Untouchables’ Liberation Movement, and Mass Conversion to Buddhism in 1956 —

International Political Economy No. 13 2004/3

Author Title Page
Tudor ONEA The Pitfalls of Humanitarian Intervention: Realpolitik versus Humanitarian Intervention in Operation Provide Comfort 1-28
Junichi AKASHI Transformation of Foreign Worker Policy in Taiwan
— How Diplomacy Plays Out in Foreign Worker Policy —
Hiromu ARAKAKI Nuclear Proliferation and the Johnson Administration
— The Formation of U.S. Nonproliferation Strategy —
Ayako KONDO The Modernization of Panchayat and Transition of Rulers in India 55-69

International Political Economy No. 14 2004/11

Author Title Page
Harald KLEINSCHMIDT Carl Schmitt Theorist of International Relations 1-23
Syeda Naushin PARNINI ASEAN Plus Three in Bangladesh’s Foreign Policy: In Search of a New Economic Role in the Era of Globalization 25-49
Chie EZAKI The Cabinet of Palestinian Authority and PLO
— An Overlapping of Personnel and Its Meaning
Toshiyuki NASUKAWA The Military Aspects of Human Security
— The Use of Force in the Concept of Human Security —

International Political Economy No. 15 2005/3

Author Title Page
Jörg FISCH The Globalization of International Law in the Nineteenth Century 1-11
Motoko SHUTO An Agenda for ASEAN Security Community
— Study on Regional Commitment to Conflict Prevention
Tatsushi NEMOTO Constructing and Substantiating the “World of Movement”
— Reconstruction of History and Invention of Tradition by Buddhists in India —
Miyuki SHINOE The Communal Kitchens and Governments’ Food Assistance Programs in Peru
— Toward Achieving Democracy and Civil Society —
Yasuhiro SANADA Managing te Leviathan: Japan, the United States and the International Regulation of Whaling in the First Half of the 1960s 57-69

International Political Economy No. 16 2005/11

Author Title Page
Harmut BEHR The Myth of the Nation and Legacies of Nationalism: Immigration Politics and the Creation of Identity in the European Union 1-18
Farhat TASNIM The Role of Japanese NGOs in Strengthening Civil Society in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Shapla Neer 19-52
Toru OGA A Genealogy of Open Regionalism
— A Case of Foreign Policy Discourses of Miki Takeo —
Hideki TAKAFUJI The Political Organization of Malaysia
— Transformation into “Hegemonic Party System” —

International Political Economy No. 17 2006/3

Author Title Page
Itsuro NAKAMURA Local Political System of the Russian Far East 1-18
Akiko OKAMATSU Problems and Prospects of International Legal Disputes on Climate Change 19-34
Hiroki YAMANAKA An Ethnographic Study of the Interaction and Relationship between the Development NGO and the Indigenous People in Bangladesh 35-50
Yuu TAKEDA The Logic of “Autonomy” in Japan’s Defense Policy: The Case of National Defense Program Outline Formulated in 1976 51-64
Notice of Removing Articles

International Political Economy No. 18 2007/2

Author Title Page
Harald KLEINSCHMIDT Public Sphere, Legitimacy and Security in the Early Modern European Tradition 1-38
Kousuke SAITOU The U.S. Foreign Intervention Policies in the Post Cold War Period: With the Focus on the Influence of the Military Reform 39-52
Research Reports
Anar KOLI Does Resource Scarcity Relate Solely to Environmental Insecurity?: Perspective from the Water Crisis Issue in Bangladesh 53-80
Syeda Naushin PARNINI Emerging Environmental Security Issues: Kita-Kyushu Eco-Town Project as a Model for Bangladesh 81-102

International Political Economy No. 19 2007/3

Author Title Page
PAN Liang Behind the Cultural Enterprise of an Economic Superpower: The Historical Background of Japan’s Policy toward UNESCO 1-20
Aye Mengistu ALEMU The Effects of Land Tenure Security and Transfer Rights on Crop Choice Decision of Rural Households: Evidence from the Ambara Region of Ethiopia 21-34
Marco-Antonio Fernandes QUADROS Social Beliefs and Redistribution Policy
— Empirical Evidence from a Cross-Country Analysis-
Yasuko ASANO Privatisation as a Socia Learning Process: A Case Study on the Privatisation of the Automobile Industry in Britain and France 61-76
Ryuta WADA Britain’s Aircraft Export to China: Plans for Export of Harriers and VC-10s to Communist China 77-92
Research Reports
Isaac Chika NWODO The Challenges, Costs, and Prospects of Achieving Good Governance through the Public Private Partnership: Nigerian Experience 93-106
Junichi AKASHI A Study of Japan’s International Student Policies
— From “the 100,000 Foreign Students Plan” to “the New Foreign Student Policy” —

International Political Economy No. 20 2008/2

Author Title Page
Futoshi KINOSHITA Underregistration of Births in Shumon Aratame-cho:
A Long-Standing Unsolved Riddle in Japanese Historical Demography
John MOCK Where Have All the Farmers Gone….Or, at least, Where Are They Going? 17-32
Nathan Gilbert QUIMPO The U.S. and the Southern Philippines’ Quagmire 33-46
Lisa SAIJO Internationa Regulations on the Means and Methods of Warfare Which May Cause Environmental Damage 47-70

International Political Economy No. 21 2008/3

Author Title Page
Shigeyoshi OZAKI Status of Taiwan in International Law
— A New Perspective from 21st Century — (1)
Timur DADABAEV Regionalism (Localism) and the State
— The Soviet Cadre Policy and Its Implications in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan —
Kousuke SAITOU U.S. Defense R&D in the End Stage of the Cold War: A Case Study of the JSTARS Acquisition Program 39-50
Kaoru OE International Negotiations on Regulating GMO Trade: The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety 51-64
Chun-yuan CHEN The Issue of the Establishment of Chinese Consulate in Seishin 65-78

International Political Economy No. 22 2008/11

Author Title Page
Harald KLEINSCHMIDT War, Diplomacy and the Ethics of Self-Constraint in the Age of Grotius 1-22
Leila BIJOS Migration and Inequality: A Gender Analysis in Japan 23-56
Shingo HAMANAKA Inequality and Authoritarianism in the Developing Countries 57-74
Chihiro OGURA Public Space of Common Masses and Development: The Process of Constructing the Nation State in Laos 75-89

International Political Economy No. 23 2009/3

Author Title Page
Harald KLEINSCHMIDT War, Diplomacy and the Ethics of Self-Constraint in the Age of Grotius Part II 1-28
Osamu YOSHIDA and Mayumi ISHIZUKA Recent Institutional Efforts and Developments of International Contingency Planning and Emergency Assistance for Disasters 29-46
Shigeyoshi OZAKI Status of Taiwan in International Law
— A New Perspective from 21st Century — (2)
Yoko MUKAI Another Face of Imperialistic Presidency: Richard Nixon’s Welfare Reform 63-74
Nobuhiro YABUKI An Analysis of Japanese Decision-Making of Foreign Policy during the 1973 Oil Crisis 75-89

International Political Economy No. 24 2009/9

Author Title Page
So SUZUKI Multiple Referrals and Restrictive Rules in the U.S. House of Representatives: A Theoretical Analysis of Committee Proposal Power and Expertise 1-18
Atsuko WATANABE Anti-Terrorism Measures and Its Impact upon the Network of Privacy Policy Supporters
— The Case of the United States —
Shigeyoshi OZAKI Status of Taiwan in International Law
— A New Perspective from 21st Century — (3)
Minori TAKAHASHI Whaling, a Battleground
— Regulatory Empire: EU and Denmark/Greenland —
Yuka FUJIOKA Are Explanatory and Normative Analysis Rivals in the Study of International Relations? 59-70

International Political Economy No. 25 2010/3

Author Title Page
Charles COVELL Hobbes: State, Society and Law 1-16
Kou HAYAKAWA A Reflexivity of “Machidukuri
— An Analysis of Regional Development Project in Post-War japan —
Ryuta WADA The Process of the U.S. Rapprochement with China 1969-1972
— The Relaxation of the U.S. Trade Controls against China —
Mayumi ISHIZUKA Baron Alexander von Siebold and the Law of Nations: His Achievements as an Interpreter, Negotiator and Scholar Revisited 49-64
Shigeyoshi OZAKI Status of Taiwan in International Law
— A New Perspective from 21st Century — (4)

Notice of Removing Articles

It is our regret to notify that we have concluded the following three articles appearing in The International Political Economy were plagiarized, and that we have decided to remove all the three from the journal:

  • Kevin P. Kavanaugh, “An Analysis of Time and International Relations Theory During Periods of Transition,” International Political Economy, No. 8, pp. 21-44, 2001.
  • Kevin P. Kavanaugh, “All Roads Lead to Rome: Pax Americana and the Rule of Law,” International Political Economy, No. 10, pp. 17-32, 2002.
  • Kevin P. Kavanaugh, “A Proposed Model for Analysis of Intra-State Ethnic Conflict,” International Political Economy, No. 12, pp. 21-36, 2003.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this decision may cause to our readers and all concerned. We shall make every possible effort to prevent this from occurring again in the future.

March, 2006
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