Academic Staff

International Relations

Global Aspect

Akaneya, Tatsuo International Relations, Regime Theory, International Security (more)
Ohtomo, Takafumi International Relations Theory, International Security (more)
Covell, Charles Edward Political Philosophy, International Law, Comparative Public Administration (more)
Higashino, Atsuko International Relations, International Politics in Europe, EU Studies (more)
Matsuoka, Hiroshi American Diplomatic History (more)
Matsushima, Midori Public Policy, International Health, Impact Evaluation (more)
Minamiyama, Atsushi International Political Theory, International Conflict and Security (more)
Moges, Abu Girma Economic Policy, African Political Economy, Global Population Ageing (more)
Yoshida, Osamu International Law (more)
Nakamura, Takefumi Contemporary Politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Peacebuilding, Conflict Studies, EU-Bosnia Relation (more)

Political Aspect

Iwasaki, Mikiko Comparative Politics, Federalism, Canadian Politics (more)
Kayane, Yuka Political Science, Southeast Asian Area Studies (more)
Choe, Jae Young Quantitative Study of Comparative Politics, Public Policy (Transport Policy) (more)
Suzuki, So American Politics, Legislative Studies (more)
Takenaka, Yoshihiko Japanese Politics (especially Political Attitudes, Ideology and Voting Behavior) (more)
Tkach-Kawasaki, Leslie Political Communication, New Media and Politics, Website Analysis, Internet Studies, Comparative Media Discourse (more)
Toyama, Ayako Comparative Politics, Southeast Asian Area Studies (Thai Politics) (more)
Nakamura, Itsuro Contemporary Russian Politics, Japan-Russia Relation (more)
Pan, Liang Postwar Japanese Foreign Policy, Modern Japanese Diplomatic History, Japanese Relations with the United Nations, History of Postwar Japan-US Relations (more)
Mori, Aki Contemporary Chinese Politics, International Relations in the Asia-Pacific (more)

Cultural Aspect

Maegawa, Keiji Cultural Anthropology, Theory of International Culture, Regional Development (more)
Sekine, Hisao Cultural Anthropology, Regional Development, Oceanic Studies (more)
Suzuki, Nobutaka Cultural Anthropology, Colonial Studies, Philippine Studies (more)

Economic Aspect

Kashiwagi, Kenichi Development Economics, Economy of Middle East and North Africa (more)
Kurokawa, Yoshinori International Trade, Industrial Organization, Macroeconomics, Japanese Economy (more)
Naito, Hisahiro Public Economics, Development Economics(more)
Nakano, Yuko Development Economics, African Economy (more)
Malek, Mohammad Abdul Agricultural and Development Economics (more)
Minowa, Mari Economic Development in Latin America(more)
Yu, Zhengfei Econometrics, Economic Statistics (more)


Doi, Takayoshi Theory of Deviant Behavior, Theory of Social Consciousness (more)
Igarashi, Yasumasa Urban Sociology, Transnational Migration (more)
Katsurayama, Yasuo Sociology of Knowledge, Discourse Analysis (more)
Mori, Naoto Historical Sociology of Education/Work, Theory of Social Stratification (more)
Nogami, Gen Historical Sociology, Media Studies (more)
Okuyama, Toshio Medical Sociology, Organizational Sociology (more)
Urano, Edson Ioshiaqui Transnational Sociology, International Social Policy, Social Studies in Latin America (more)
Wang, Soon Hee Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Sport, Sociology Education (more)